Transcreation and Localization 

What is a transcreation/localization of a text?


In translation sciences, the term transcreation (a condensed term combining translation and creation) is used to describe a translation process in which the message of the source text is transformed, i.e. is adapted to the special geographic and cultural characteristics of the target audience.

This adaptation occurs through a creative process: thus, the source and the target document’s content may differ from each other in the form, even if the original message remains the same.

True to the motto: “Totally different, but exactly the same”.

This procedure can be very useful for advertising purposes, where considering the target audience’s particular cultural conditions enables to create a message that reaches the requested audience. Thus, transcreation enables an efficient brand localization.

This kind of “advertising translations” is also called adaptation or Copywriting. It requires outstanding translating skills, excellent knowledge of the target culture and intercultural linguistic competence.

For further details concerning our competencies in (medical) translating, text adaptation and transcreation, please refer to our translation reference website, which includes a portfolio as well as a CV (linguistics and translation).


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