What is Copywriting?


Copywriting is writing that is used for advertising purposes.

The author of such texts, the Copywriter, works in or for advertising agencies or companies with internal marketing department.

Copywriting enables an effective linguistic creation of your advertising texts.

It may be offered alone or in combination with translating. In this case, the translated text is adapted to the cultural context of the target audience in order to create an effective message.

This combination of translating and creating is also known as transcreation (adaptation of a text for advertising purposes).

For further details concerning our competencies in copywriting, please refer to our reference website (examples and CV/linguistics).


Our services

Drafting of (medical) advertising slogans or (medical) articles aimed at the promotion of your services or products: Posts for social media (for example Facebook) or magazines, web articles, etc.



French, Italian and German


Language variants

French: Switzerland and standard France

Italian: Switzerland and standard Italy

German: Switzerland


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