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Pragmatic and perfectionistic dreamers. Hard workers who act with passion, all the time being open to innovation while remaining committed to their mission.


What we offer


Our skills and competencies


Medical/Paramedical Field


Linguistics and Translation

Certified training in translating, applied linguistics and writing/drafting. Over 15 years professional experience.



Certified training of adult trainers and over 20 years professional experience in language teaching (Italian, German and French foreign languages).


Psychosocial Field

Training and diploma in non-verbal psychotherapy (art-therapy) and a 5 year’s professional experience in inpatient setting (psychiatry and psychosomatic readaptation).


Arts and Culture

Drafting of stories and personal artistic expression (singing, painting and song/lyrics-writing) during over 25 years.


And also …


Committed to providing you an outstanding work, we stand for long-term collaborations as well as for complex projects requiring longer periods of time (many days or weeks).


Looking forward to helping you with your multilingual communication!

Lorenza Oprandi, founder and owner


Medical Pharma Translation -  The Medical Translation Specialist, certified medical translations

Clinical Trial Translation – Certified translations for Clinical Trials

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